7th software

7th software is based near Cambridge in the heart of Silicon Fen.

This business was founded in September 2002 by Stephen Revill, a former employee of Acorn Computers Ltd, Element 14 Ltd, Pace Micro Technology plc and Castle Technology Ltd, with a view to developing innovative and useful ARM-based software designs.

With a background in desktop and embedded computing, digital interactive television and technical project management, the 7th software business has experience in a wide-range of computing disciplines, from requirements capture, risk analysis, design, implementation, testing and on-going support of modern embedded and real-time projects.

Some of the areas where 7th software has worked:

Technical project management for contemporary ARM-based products.
Low-level embedded and real-time software engineering.
Software processing and analysis of MPEG transport streams.
High-level applications software and user interface design.
Digital set-top box software, including the Pace DSL3875, DSL4000 and DB2xx.
Digital Rights Management (DRM) and contemporary scrambling technologies.
Video on Demand (VoD) systems implementation and integration.

The 7th software mission is to be an innovator of ARM-based software technologies.

  For RISC OS users, take a look at the MoreDesk application here and the gallery here.