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Moan is a card game for one to four players. It is played with two packs of cards, including the jokers, giving 108 cards in the deck. The deck is placed face-down in the middle of the table with the players distributed around it.

Each player is dealt eleven cards. The top card in the pack is placed next to the pack, face-up. The players take turns taking a card from the middle, making their move(s) and then dropping a card into the middle. The winner is the first person to complete the round for level ten. See the help documentation for more information and screenshots.

You can download a free demo version today and give it a try! The demo version does not allow games to be saved, only has single player mode and only allows the first five levels to be played. Note: Moan requires the !Routines libraries version 1.11 or later.

System Requirements

Moan is compatible with the Iyonix from Castle Technology Ltd, the A9home from Advantage Six Ltd and VirtualAcorn systems as well as older machines such as the Acorn RiscPC. !Help !Help

Buying Moan

The full version of Moan can be purchased from 7th software for just £9.99 (GBP). Click here to buy now using a credit or debit card or follow the instructions on our

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