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The auto-fetch event is used to force a specified window (or set of windows) to be fetched into a desktop when the desktop is entered. If the specified window is not open, no action is performed.

The auto-fetch sub-window
The “Auto-fetch” Sub-window

Drag the ‘window’ icon from this window onto the window which you want to auto-fetch and the details will be automatically entered into the relevant writeable icons. You can then decide if you also want the auto-fetched window to be moved to the top of the window stack and/or given input focus when you enter the desktop.

Click on the “Add” icon to add the auto-fetch to the list of events associated with the desktop being managed (or to resubmit the event with changes in the case where you are editing a pre-existing auto-fetch event).

Clicking on the “Snapshot” icon will add all windows which are open in the current desktop as auto-fetch events for the desktop which is being managed.

One example of use for auto-fetching is to allow a certain window to follow your movements through some desktops by setting each of the desktops to fetch it. Thus, those desktops can ‘share’ the window.

Another use might be to have certain types of window collected in a desktop, e.g. Zap/StrongEd windows could all be gathered into a single desktop by moving into that desktop. This would be an easy way to ‘garbage collect’ windows which have been left open on other desktops. This is useful to do before shutting the machine down. To do this, leave the window title field blank.

If you only enter a window title and not a task name in this window, the auto-fetch event will fetch all open windows which match that title.

Both the window title and the task name are case-insensitive.

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