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Auto-open events allow you to ensure that specified directories are opened in a given desktop (at a specific location and with the required display options). It can also cause these directories to be closed when you leave the desktop.

The auto-open sub-window
The “Auto-open” Sub-window

If you drag a directory to MoreDesk, this window will open with a default configuration. If you drag the ‘directory’ from this window and drop it onto an open directory viewer, this window will be filled-in with all of the details for that viewer. This is handy because it will include information such as the position of the window, whether it used “Large icons” and whether it is displaying items sorted “by name”, etc.

You can edit or enter all of this information by hand if you wish. Clicking on the “Add” icon will add the auto-open event to the list for the desktop which is being managed.

The “Snapshot” icon for auto-open events is very useful; when you click it, MoreDesk will add an auto-open event for all directories which are open in the current desktop. That means that next time you boot the machine, you can simply move into that desktop and all of the Filer windows will open in the same place and with the same display options. If you ever change your mind about how you want them to be displayed, you just click the “Snapshot” icon again and “Save” the new information.

One thing to note: if a directory is already open on another desktop when the auto-open event requires it, MoreDesk will simply auto-fetch the directory rather than closing and reopening it. This helps to stop auto-open events from ending up with all of the filer windows being in the wrong stacking order.

The directory name is case-insensitive.

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