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Auto-run events cause applications to be automatically loaded when you enter a specific desktop. It can also cause them to be quit when you leave the desktop. MoreDesk considers the home desktop to have been entered when you start MoreDesk itself. However, it does not consider the home desktop to have been left when you quit MoreDesk.

The auto-run feature is not intended for running or loading files; it is specifically for starting applications. If you want to ensure that certain files are loaded in certain desktops and that their windows are positioned in certain locations, you should use the auto-load feature.

The auto-run sub-window
The “Auto-run” Sub-window

Much like with the auto-open subwindow, if you drag an application to MoreDesk it will add an auto-run event for it to the desktop being managed. Alternatively, you can drag the ‘application’ icon from this window to the application which you want to auto-run.

Both options present a problem to MoreDesk: in the former case, it has to make a guess at what the name of the application will be (as it appears in the list in the Task Manager's “Tasks” window). This can be wrong so you should check it. In the latter case, MoreDesk has to guess where the application directory is (the location of the application on your hard disc) based upon things such as the application's name. This can also be wrong so you should check it.

You will notice an icon next to the application directory writeable icon. This is the “canonicalise” button. By clicking this button, the application's directory name is canonicalised (reduced to it's ‘purest’ form). See below for an example:

Directory not canonicalised

Canonicalised directory name
“Canonicalising” the application directory

There are pros and cons for canonicalising the application directory name. In its favour, the auto-run event will work correctly even if the application has not yet been ‘seen’ by the filer (e.g. when you've recently rebooted your machine). However, the price you pay for this is that the auto-run event will stop working if you ever 1) move the application or 2) rename your hard disc.

Both the application name and directory are case-insensitive.

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