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Desktop automation allows MoreDesk to perform some useful actions when you enter or leave desktops. There are four main types of action, each can be configured using its own subwindow, described in more detail in the following pages:

Fetching windows from other desktops
Opening and closing filer windows
Running and quitting tasks
Running or loading files

Each desktop has a list associated with it that tells MoreDesk what actions you want it to perform when you enter or leave that desktop. This list can be edited by opening the automation management window. Select “Automate...” in the MoreDesk iconbar menu or highlight a desktop in the main window and select “Desktop setup...” from the main menu.

Automate (1)      Automate (2)
How to start automation management

You will then be presented with the automation management widnow. Note the title of the window; this tells you which desktop is being managed (the ‘home’ desktop is 0,0).

The Manage Desktop window
The “Manage Desktop” Window

Note: you can also get to the automation window by dragging an application or directory and dropping it into the main window. This will start the automation management process for the desktop that you dropped onto (for an application you will be adding an auto-run event, for a directory you will be adding an auto-open event).

Once this window is open, you can either drag and drop applications, files and directories to it in order to create an action for them or you can use the icons at the top of the window to create new auto-fetch, auto-open, auto-run and auto-load actions. The area in the middle contains a list of actions for the desktop, these can be selected, deselected, reordered and removed.

A special note for the ‘home’ desktop is that when you start MoreDesk, this counts as entering the home desktop. As such, if you start MoreDesk as a part of your boot sequence, you can use automation management of the home desktop to manage which other applications are started when the machine boots. MoreDesk does not consider itself being quit as leaving the home desktop.

There is also a “snapshot” feature which will add an auto-fetch event for every open window in the current desktop, an auto-open event for every open directory in the current desktop, an auto-run event for every application* currently running and an auto-load event for any files which are loaded (into windows in the desktop).

As it is more usually useful to only take snapshots for a particular type of event (e.g. auto-open) at any given time, each of the four subwindows outlined above has its own “snapshot” button for that purpose.

* Not all applications can be added; MoreDesk has to be able to determine the application directory where the application lives. For example, the “Task Manager” application doesn't have a corresponding directory so cannot be associated with an auto-run event.

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