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There are lots of options in the MoreDesk configuration which you can change to adjust the behaviour and appearance of the main window. Don't be afraid to have a play with these options to see what they do. Hint: right-clicking on the “Save” button in the choices window keeps the choices window open so you can immediately see the effects of your changes in the main window while you tweak values and settings.

In its initial (default) configuration, MoreDesk doesn't keep a different set of pinboard icons or backdrop image for each desktop. To enable these features, open the menu over the iconbar icon and select “Choices...” or open the menu over the main window and select “MoreDesk Setup...”.

running Confix (1)      running Confix (2)
How to start the configuration plug-in

Go to the tab for controlling pinboard and backdrop settings, switch them on and click “Save”.

ConfiX backdrop/pinboard
Backdrop and pinboard association

Note: if you get an error like “One or more windows have been left in an unreachable position” you should read the second point on this page .

At this point, you should get a scaled-down version of your backdrop image displayed for the current desktop in the main window. This may take a few seconds!

the first backdrop
Setting the first backdrop

Selecting the other desktop (e.g. alt-double click in it) will return you to an empty desktop with no pinboard icons or backdrop image. You can set the backdrop image for this desktop by using the Pinboard Setup !Configure plug-in as normal. Opening the menu over the MoreDesk main window and selecting “Backdrop setup...” will also launch this plug-in.

launch pinboard setup
Starting the pinboard setup plug-in

Note: when you set the backdrop image, you will always be doing so for the current desktop, not the one with the red highlight (this is not the case for cloning a backdrop - see the next page for more info).

select second backdrop
The pinboard setup plug-in

Once you've chosen an image and clicked “OK” in the plug-in, you should see it appear in the MoreDesk main window. This may take a few seconds!

backdrops done
Both backdrops are set

Pinboard icons can also be associated with a specific desktop. This is very useful if you only want certain things pinned to the pinboard on a given desktop (e.g. you might have a “web browsing” desktop that includes pinboard icons for all of your favourite Internet-related applications).

If you have a common set of pinboard icons which you'd like to have on all desktops, you can ‘clone’ the pinboard from one desktop to the next across all of your desktops and then go back through them adding any custom icons.

When pinboard association is switched on, MoreDesk will spot when you save the pinboard and make a note of the new setup for the current desktop. This means to can temporarily add something to the pinboard, then change desktop and change back again to remove it.

Unfortunately, due to the way the RISC OS pinboard works, you cannot associate iconised windows with a desktop. If you iconise a window onto the pinboard, then it will be on the pinboard for all desktops, irrespective of your MoreDesk configuration.

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