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Sometimes, it is possible that a window you want to open is already open on another desktop, but you're not sure which one. This is most noticeable with windows which are accessed from an icon on the iconbar, such as a filer window for the root directory of a hard disc.

MoreDesk has the facility to ‘fetch’ windows from their current location onto the current desktop. It can be accessed from the menu over the main window or from the MoreDesk iconbar menu.

Fetch menu (1)      Fetch menu (2)
Navigating to the Fetch menu

The fetch menu lists all tasks which currenly have one or more windows open (and which MoreDesk has not been told to ignore). Under each task is a submenu listing the windows by title. Any windows which do not have a title will simply show ‘’. The menu of tasks and menu of windows are both sorted alphabetically.

Click on the entry for the window of interested and it will be moved from where it is onto the current desktop. The fetched window is also brought to the front of the window stack.

You can also fetch windows into the current desktop by selecting them in the main window view and selecting “Window”->“Fetch” or by pressing ctrl-E.

Some windows in the fetch menu are shown in grey. This indicates that the window is already in the current desktop and does not need to be fetched. Other windows may appear in a red colour which indicates that a flashing alert has been raised for that window.

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