MoreDesk: Flashing Alerts


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MoreDesk includes a feature which is available to third party software developers which can be used to alert the user to an event which may require their attention. It does this by flashing the relevant window in the desk space view and by flashing the desktop containing the alert window in the micro window. E.g.

flashing windows
A flashing alert

In the example, above the user is working in the central desktop of nine desktops when an alert is raised by a window in the top-left desktop. This alert state may clear itself after a time (if the program which raised the alert so chooses) or it can be cleared by the user by switching to the desktop containing the alert window (or by moving the alert window into the current desktop).

You can start a flashing alert from the command line using the *MoreDesk_Flash command. This allows you to create custom flashing alerts for your own purposes. See the section on the Command Line Interface for more information.

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