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Standard Installation

MoreDesk comes with an installer called !Install which is run by double-clicking it in the filer window. This will install all of the main components required by the application (e.g. !MoreDesk, !Routines and !ConfiX).

If you have existing copies of any of the above software, the installer will compare the versions and only install if your existing copies are older than those required. The existing copies will be backed-up into the directory ‘$.MD_Backup’ automatically.

Manual Installation

MoreDesk can also be installed manually by placing the !MoreDesk application somewhere on your hard disc, such as inside ‘$.Apps’, and double-clicking it.

!Routines MoreDesk requires the !Routines libraries, which are available from:

These can also be placed in ‘$.Apps’ or the more usual location for this sort of thing is in ‘$.!Boot.Resources’. Double-click !Routines once you've copied it into the desired location.

!ConfiX MoreDesk also makes use of the ConfiX program from:

This is used to provide a front-end for configuring the various options in MoreDesk. !ConfiX would normally be installed into ‘$.!Boot.Resources’.

Additional Information

As a minimum system requirement, MoreDesk requires RISC OS 4.02 or later, WindowManager (or Wimp) 3.80 or later and the Universal Boot Sequence (both of these last two items should be standard for RISC OS 4 or later).

MoreDesk and the MoreDesk demonstration include an installer which will install ConfiX, the required SharedCLibrary and associated modules. It includes the CLib (5.53) and CallASWI (0.03) updates from the Castle Technology web site. These updates are known to be correct as of 24th March 2006. Check the “Developers” -> “System Updates” section of the Castle web site for any future updates.

32-OK MoreDesk is fully 32-bit safe and should work equally well on 26-bit or 32-bit RISC OS systems.

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