MoreDesk: Introduction


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About MoreDesk

This program allows you to organise your windows over a space which is larger than the normal desktop. It does this by creating a grid of desktop spaces and by allowing you to select any one to look at. You can switch between them whenever you like.

You can easily move windows between desktops and get a view of the entire desktop space. You can even have different sets of pinboard icons and a different backdrop image for each of the desktops.

Often, you can use a specific desktop for a specific purpose. For example, you might have one where you deal with email and for reading newsgroup posts. Another desktop might be used for web browsing and yet another might have some word processor documents open that you are reading. Desktops can be given names to help you to identify them quickly.

With MoreDesk, it's easy to do this and get a quick overall view of all of your desktops, switch between them and move windows around the whole space. You can even have windows open in pre-defined locations on the screen and have files and applications start when you enter a desktop.

Main window
The MoreDesk main window

!Help MoreDesk fully supports the interactive !Help application so you should consider loading it while you're getting to grips with it!
eSpeak MoreDesk supports Jonathan Duddington's eSpeak application.

MoreDesk Main Features

!Help !Help MoreDesk is compatible with the Iyonix from Castle Technology Ltd, the A9home from Advantage Six Ltd and VirtualAcorn systems as well as older machines such as the Acorn RiscPC.

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