MoreDesk: The ‘Micro’ View


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There are several ways of switching between desktops in MoreDesk. You can alt-double-click the desired desktop in the main window, or use the cursor keys to select the desktop in the main window and then press return.

Other ways do not require the main window, such as by holding down the ‘alt’ key and moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen or by pressing a cursor key with the alt key held down.

All of the above methods require use of the keyboard, sometimes in combination with the mouse. In MoreDesk version 1.03 or later, there is a method of switching desktop which only requires the mouse - the ‘micro’ window.

If you adjust (right) click on the MoreDesk iconbar icon, a small window will open that represents the entire desk space. This is a very simple view which does not attepmt to represent the location of any open windows.

the micro window
An example of the micro window

If you select (left) click on a desktop illustrated in the micro window, MoreDesk will move you onto that desktop and close the micro window. Adjust clicking in the micro window will change desktop and keep the micro window open. The current desktop is always highlighted in the micro window.

You can close the micro window by either adjust clicking on the iconbar icon again or by moving the mouse pointer over the micro window and then off it.

Configuring the Micro Window

New to version 1.10 of MoreDesk is the ability to configure various features of the micro window. For example, you can change the colours used for things like the background, grid lines and current desktop highlight.

micro window choices (1)
Micro window configuration (1)

You can also enable a highlight for the ‘home’ desktop which is useful as a point of reference for navigating around the micro window view when you have many desktops available.

The configuration windows also allow you to give the micro window a border area which helps to stop the window from closing if you accidentally move the mouse pointer over the edge of the window when trying to select a desktop near the edge of the desk space. Note: you can select desktops by clicking in the border area - MoreDesk will move to the desktop nearest to the click point.

micro window choices (2)
Micro window configuration (2)

An example of the micro window as it could appear in a more complex virtual desktop setup, including the default eight pixel wide border area, is given below. Note that there is an icon in certain desktops. In the standard configuration, this icon represents the task which owns the top-most window in a given desktop (if any).

micro window choices
A larger micro window

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