MoreDesk: List of Mouse Controls


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Global Mouse Controls

The following mouse actions apply at all times when MoreDesk is loaded, not just when the main window is open or has input focus.

Hold down one of the alt keys and move the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen to scroll the desk space in the desired direction by one desktop. E.g. move to the left edge of the screen to move one desktop to the left.

Notice that the mouse pointer moves to the appropriate edge of the new screen. You can do this scrolling even when dragging a window.

The above form of navigation can be disabled from the choices plug-in. Open the iconbar menu, select “Choices...” and click on the tab for “Miscellaneous options” to change this setting.

Main Window Mouse Controls

Some of these controls apply to clicking on an image of a window (W) in the MoreDesk window, some of them apply to clicking or dragging in the empty spaces (E) and some apply to clicking anywhere in the main window (A):

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