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eSpeak MoreDesk supports Jonathan Duddington's excellent eSpeak application for a number of events and bits of the user interface in order to provide spoken information about various things which are going on within MoreDesk.

Examples of the spoken events are given below. More events may be added in the future.

eSpeak support is off by default but it can be activated and configured through the MoreDesk choices window, as illustrated below.

speech config
eSpeak configuration

You can also assign a ‘voice’ and speed to the way that eSpeak says the messages from MoreDesk. Below is a list of the voices which MoreDesk supports (although your eSpeak installation may actually support more or fewer voices than this list).

speech voices
eSpeak voices

If MoreDesk were to be translated into another language, it would be most likely to be one of those listed. In that instance, speaking the MoreDesk messages with the appropriate voice will get the best results. In the mean time, it is simply entertaining to select voices such as Northern English, English (US) or even Scottish.

Due to limitations in the way eSpeak is implemented, there may be conflicts with any other applications on your system which are also trying to use Speak (e.g. if you have Pluto and it is configured to use eSpeak). These conflicts are not serious but may result in the MoreDesk speach configuration being overridden by the other application, or vice versa.

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