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It is possible that you might see a warning from MoreDesk, telling you that there are “Too many open windows”. This situation can be solved by increasing the maximum number of windows that MoreDesk can handle being open at any one time. Go into the MoreDesk choices and increase the ‘Windows‘ value (shown as 100 in the illustration below).

main win config
Main window configuration

To help you to make a sensible estimate of what value to increase this setting to, you can access the MoreDesk statistics window by opening the iconbar menu as shown below:

stats item
Statistics menu item

The statistics window will tell you the total number of open windows, the number of these which are ‘pane’ windows (only really of interest to programmers), the number which have been iconised (this includes any which are below the Pinboard/backdrop window) and how many windows MoreDesk is ignoring for some reason (e.g. it never displays its own windows).

The figure you are interested in is the total open windows. Once your desktops are in a typical ‘busy’ state, configure MoreDesk to handle at least another 50 windows than the total open windows figure.

Note: these figures are often higher than you might think from looking for open windows yourself - that is because there are often a number of ‘hidden’ windows belonging to various applications which are left open, somewhere way off-screen, in order to catch any hot key events such as pressing Shift+Ctrl+F12 to shut down. You may not be aware that these windows exist but MoreDesk is!

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