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MoreDesk includes a factility which allows you to very quickly switch between which window is currently at the top of the window stack with input focus. If the desired window is on another desktop, MoreDesk will automatically switch to the correct desktop.

This facility is similar to the alt-tab function in Windows or to CoolSwitch or similar programs for RISC OS. It has the advantage of being integrated into MoreDesk so it can switch desktop as required. To activate the switcher, press alt-tab (note: this keyboard shortcut can be changed to alt-ctrl-tab from the MoreDesk choices). A window will open, similar to the one in the illustration below.

The switcher display shows all of the open windows, listed from the top-most to the bottom open window (top left of the display to bottom right). It does not include any iconised windows or windows which MoreDesk has been told to ignore.

By repeatedly pressing alt-tab, the selected window will move on to the next one down in the window stack. As soon as the alt key is released, the selected window is brought to the top of the stack, given input focus and the desktop will be switched if required.

You can also navigate around in the switcher display using the cursor keys, but keep the alt key held down until you are happy with your selection. You can press the ‘Escape’ key at any time to close the switcher window without performing a switch.

Switcher Flashing Alerts
The switcher window

If any windows are in a ‘flashing’ alert state, the top-most alert window will be the one initially selected when you open the switcher display. Otherwise, the window below the top-most open window is selected - this allows you to switch between a couple of open windows at the top of the stack simply by pressing alt-tab once.

If the switcher feature is not required, it can be disabled from the MoreDesk choices window. You can also force it to be activated using alt-ctrl-tab. This will make opening the MoreDesk main window use alt-tab instead. From the choices, you can also change the number of windows in the switcher display (fewer windows means they are plotted larger).

Switcher configuration
Switcher window configuration

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