7th software

The latest news from 7th software.
10th Nov 2011
7th software is still going! There's a new version of Routines available with a couple of bug fixes and improvements. But most of my spare time is currently put into running RISC OS Open, including donating all sorts of bits of software, e.g. these bits.
30th Nov 2007
Updates to the Routines libraries and the MouseInfo example application. Also released a brand new application which also acts as a demonstration of using the Routines libraries: vCalRead. This application reads and translates iCalendar and vCalendar files of the type often generated by non-RISC OS email and calendar programs.
1st Nov 2007
Steve Revill of 7th software will be attending the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club meeting to talk about MoreDesk and the RISC OS Open activity.
29th Oct 2007
Two more free applications released. asmfind helps to locate the source code for a particular ARM instruction sequence. MouseInfo is a handy demonstration of using the Routines libraries to create a desktop application - also provides useful information about the screen under the mouse pointer.
22nd Oct 2007
OpenWatch module released for Geminus users.
3rd Oct 2007
Steve Revill of 7th software will be attending the Ipswich RISC OS user group meeting to talk about 7th software and RISC OS Open.
3rd Sep 2007
Released the free MouseCmd and GrabWin utilities.
12th Feb 2007
Steve Revill and Jack Lillingston do joint talk at the SASAUG user group meeting.
21st Oct 2006
7th software present at the RISC OS South East show at Gildford.
18th Sep 2006
Steve Revill of 7th software gave a talk at the RISC OS User Group of London.
31st Mar 2006
New application released. MoreDesk is a powerful virtual desktop manager for RISC OS. Free demonstration version available!
29th Mar 2006
Moan can now be purchased on-line.
11th Dec 2004
Free demonstration version of 7th software's first commercial application available. Moan is a desktop card game for one to four players.
13th Sep 2004
New free software release: Squarc the fast directory archiver using Acorn's Squash module.
10th Sep 2004
Work starts on 7th software's first commercial RISC OS desktop application.
1st Feb 2004
7th software joins project to help develop a cutting-edge set-top box in six months.
16th Oct 2003
Brave new look to the 7th software web site!
13th Oct 2003
New RISC OS 'virtual' memory management software released.
12th Oct 2003
Updated 32-bit version of !ShortCut available for free.
11th Oct 2003
Updated 32-bit version of !SetAccess available for free.
10th Oct 2003
New RISC OS command-line tools available for free.
14th April 2003
7th software start's work on commercial audio processing project.
15th March 2003
New 7th software web site goes live (.co.uk and .com).
21st January 2003
7th software teams up with Pace Micro Technology plc.
16th November 2002
7th software works with Castle Technology on world-leading ARM based desktop computer.
27th October 2002
Public launch of 7th software to favourable reactions.
16th September 2002
New business launch - 7th software the ARM specialists.