Very occasionally, something interesting happens at or relating to 7th software. Here are some highlights!



21st Mar 2021: MoreDesk v1.27 released as Free Open Source Software. ⭳

21st Mar 2021: Moan v1.04 released as Free Open Source Software. ⭳

21st Mar 2021: Welcome to the refreshed website! 🌎 It's the first significant update since 2008. 😲

2012 - 2020: 7th software given a bit of a rest due to other projects, notably RISC OS Open. 😴



10th Nov 2011: New version of Routines available with a couple of bug fixes and improvements. But most of my spare time is currently put into running RISC OS Open, including donating all sorts of bits of software. ⭳



30th Nov 2007: Updates to the Routines libraries and the MouseInfo example application. Also released a brand new application which also acts as a demonstration of using the Routines libraries: vCalRead. This application reads and translates iCalendar and vCalendar files of the type often generated by non-RISC OS email and calendar programs. ⭳

1st Nov 2007: Steve Revill of 7th software will be attending the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club meeting to talk about MoreDesk and the RISC OS Open activity. 🔈

29th Oct 2007: Two more apps! asmfind helps to locate the source code for a particular ARM instruction sequence. MouseInfo is a handy demonstration of using the Routines libraries to create a desktop application - also provides useful information about the screen under the mouse pointer. ⭳

22nd Oct 2007: OpenWatch module released for Geminus users. ⭳

3rd Oct 2007: Steve Revill of 7th software will be attending the Ipswich RISC OS user group meeting to talk about 7th software and RISC OS Open. 🔈

3rd Sep 2007: New release: MouseCmd and GrabWin utilities. ⭳

12th Feb 2007: Steve Revill and Jack Lillingston will talk at the SASAUG user group meeting. 🔈



21st Oct 2006: 7th software presents at the RISC OS South East show at Gildford. 🔈

18th Sep 2006: Steve Revill of 7th software gave a talk at the RISC OS User Group of London. 🔈

31st Mar 2006: New app! MoreDesk is a powerful virtual desktop manager for RISC OS. Free demonstration version available! 💰

29th Mar 2006: Moan can now be purchased on-line. 💰



11th Dec 2004: Free demo of 7th software's first commercial application available. 💰 Moan is a desktop card game for one to four players.

13th Sep 2004: New app! Squarc is the fast directory archiver using Acorn's Squash module. ⭳

10th Sep 2004: Work starts on 7th software's first commercial RISC OS desktop application. 💰

1st Feb 2004: 7th software to help develop a cutting-edge set-top box in six months. 💡



16th Oct 2003: Brave new look to the 7th software web site! 🌎

13th Oct 2003: New RISC OS 'virtual' memory management software released, VCache. ⭳

12th Oct 2003: Updated 32-bit version of !ShortCut. ⭳

11th Oct 2003: Updated 32-bit version of !SetAccess. ⭳

10th Oct 2003: New RISC OS command-line tools. ⭳

15th Mar 2003: 7th software web site goes live ( and .com). 🌎

21st Jan 2003: 7th software teams up with Pace Micro Technology plc. 💡



16th Nov 2002: 7th software works with Castle Technology on world-leading Arm-based desktop computer. 💡

16th Sep 2002: 7th software is launched - specialising in software for RISC OS and Arm. 🎉